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Top 20 Online Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Online Marketing BlogsThe online world that we live in, can be a totally different place to the reality that we live in. If you’re new to the game then it can totally be a blur as you’re bombarded with information from all angles. Add in social media and all of a sudden you’re totally drowning in the sea of information that is online marketing.

This is just about the time that you really don’t know what to do with yourself and feel like putting your head in your hands and running away.

I know, because I’ve been there.

After a while though you start to figure out everything and quite simply start separting the B.S. from the really good quality stuff that’s out there. The places and people who don’t provide you with any value whatsoever in your life and the ones who seem to be totally giving away the farm for free.

This post is for the latter. The guys and gals who make it their life’s purpose to give you as much quality content and information that our minds can handle at any one point.


Some of these sites will greatly diminish your time with your family and friends and result in your getting off your behind and actually building your own piece of online awesomeness.

But enough of all that. Let’s get rocking and rolling. Just a FYI, these are in no particular order.


1. smartpassiveincome.com

The Smart Passive Income Blog
Run by Pat Flynn, SPI has become a mainstay in the online world. Pat has made it a point to provide his readers with tons of valuable and workable content for the past few years, while slowly building up his income over the years to what you can call “retirement” money and the cool thing is, he shows you exactly where his money is coming from. That’s totally something different in what we can find in the online world.


2. thinktraffic.net

ThinkTraffic is a site run by Corbett Barr. I’ve been reading Corbett’s stuff for a couple years now and he’s one of these guys who totally inspires you with his work each day.






3. socialtriggers.com

Social Triggers
Run by Derek Halpern, I have to say that Social Triggers is really awesome in the fact that it’s subject matter is completely different from the other marketing sites that we see. Derek ties in the Psychology of the entire online marketing process and shows you how you can really blow your business up by applying simple but tested techniques that will get your blog converting like the pros.

“Must Read” Post:  Why Bloggers Fail


4. quicksprout.com

Neil Patel is a bit of a legend online. The work that he’s done with huge companies such as Tech Crunch speaks for itself. If his advice works for mulit-multi million dollar companies, I’m pretty sure that you may want to listen to what he has to say.


5. themiddlefingerproject.org


TMF is run by the lovely Ash Ambirge. I’ve been reading her blog for probably over two years now and it is always entertaining and enlightening. This girl just plain knows her shiznit and imparts her knowledge on you in such a way that you have no choice but to love learning it. She’s also a copywriter extraordinaire and has created a phenomenal business that just keeps growing. If its still available I highly recommend picking up her copywriting course as well.

“Must Read” Post: Why Your Writing Sucks


7. marieforeleo.com

To quote one of the queens of the online world…”…I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven, and part spiritual ass kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger”. I’m not quite sure if I should add anything to that…yeah…I won’t. Marie, is just plain out awesome. She is doing big things in the world and is a prime example of how to take your online busines and truly make a difference in the world.



8. imimpact.com


Run by Shane Melaugh, IMImpact is fast becoming one of the places to go to for amazing online marketing advice. As the creator of the awesome “Hybrid Connect” plugin, you can guess that Shane knows what he’s talking about when it comes to building an email list and bettering conversions. He also gives awesome software reviews that may well help you make the right choice for your IM software.


9. bensettle.com

Never heard of this guy? No worries. He’s probably one of the best copywriters and email marketing master’s on the planet. I recommend that you get on his email list. I’ll warn you now. He sends an email 5 days per week. But like the people who actually know about email marketing, they know that an email per day keeps the debt collectors away.

“Must Read” Post: The 10 Goo-roo Fanboy Commandments


10. internetindependence.com

Craig Ballantyne is the Editor of Early to Rise and has built an amazing business in the fitness niche. Even with all that he still finds time to send out amazing content that helps you to build a better business every day. I enjoy the “real world” type examples that he gives. It just makes you know that you don’t have to be in the IM niche to make amazing money and make an impact on the world.

“Must Read” Post: The Pillars of Internet Independence


11. mytrafficmentor.com/buzzblogger.com




For this one you get a Two for One deal. Buzz Blogger has been one of the best IM blogs out there for years and recently the amazing (and coffee loving) Kim Roach graced us with the already awesome, My Traffic Mentor. If you want to learn about traffic then Kim your gal. Quite simply she’s my go to girl for getting traffic and alot of the things you see implemented around here are inspired by her teachings. Need Traffic, go check her out.

“Must Read” Post: 23 Steps to 100,000 Visitors


12. jeffbullas.com

I’m not sure how to put this other than saying that Jeff Bullas is a Social Media Bad Ass. Hmmm….yeah that sounds about right.
Jeff publishes cool, shareable and valuable content on what seems like a daily basis. I’m not even sure how often he does post but it sure seems as if its 24 hours per day. Now I can’t promise that you’ll be able to make your content as awesome as Jeff does but you may just learn how to get your content spread around the web like he does. Pay attention to a master at work.


13. socialmediaexaminer.com

Social Media Examiner
SME is probably THE place to get all your Social Media tips and tricks. Started by Michael Stelzner, you can learn just about any and everything you need to about Social Media here. The content is rich and there are tons of guest posts from the “Who’s Who” in social media, so you can rest assured you’re learning from the best.



14. viperchill.com

Phenomenal + Awesome. That’s what I’d have to call Glenn Alsopp’s blog. The content Glenn gives away in one of his blog posts is damn close to what you’d find in some $500-2000 products you will find on the market. You’ll love the fact that he despises the B.S. that you find out in the market place and his recent critiques of some products out there serve as a good reminder for everyone to becareful of the shiny objects that are lurking out there.


15. socialmouths.com

Social Mouths
When I first came online the one site that had my attention from the start was Francisco Rosales’s own. I loved the design and pretty much all of the content he was pumping out. The site looks a bit different today (though I think I liked the old design more ;-) ) but the content is still amazing and it is still a must read.


16. incomepress.com

Income Press

“First learn to make money online. Then learn how to make that money consistently”. Awesome way to start a blog if you asked me.  Joey Kissimmee does it the right way and keeps it real all the time. I love what this dude does with his blog. Lots of great posts that will show you how to get a good IM business up and running and making it profitbale quickly.



17. inboundpro.net

Inbound Pro
I’ve known Hector for a while now. I started reading his stuff not too long after he got started and he has consistently put out amazing content year after year. If you’re looking for awesome inBound marketing content then you totally need to check out his work. Be sure to leave a comment as he has always been up to date on commenting back and helping people out right then and there.



18. superfastbusiness.com

Super Fast Business

James Schramko is fast becoming a legend in the online world. He’s the first Australia BOSS on the list here. His story is absolutely great and when you see a guy who leaves running a multi million dollar car dealership and a multiple 6-Figure salary to run his own online business then I’d say this is the kind of dude that you want to sit down and listen to. Full stop.



“Must Read” Post: Just go check out the blog. Jame’s content is “different” so you have to experience it.



Aussie Bossy #2 is Pete Williams. Pete is another guy who, like James, brings a TON of real world experience to the online game. If you’re looking to streamline the way you do things in your business so that you’re able to be more productive then you definitely want to check out what Pete has to offer.


20. Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is without a doubt one of the masters of marketing that we can all learn from. The cool thing about Seth’s blog is that he consitently hits you with almost daily posts that cause you to pause and reflect before realizing that the man just quite simply knows what he’s talking about.

“Must Read” Post: Thinking About Money


21: Strategic Profits


One more just because we can do what we want around here ;-)
Strategic Profits is Rich Schefren’s baby and I can tell you that there are few people online that you can learn more from about building up your business than Rich. He’s built million dollar brick and mortar businesses as well as helping many of the online marketer’s you see now scale up their businesses.

22. ChrisDucker.com

Chris Ducker

If you want to add leverage to your online business then one of the keys to doing that is outsourcing. The absolute best expert in our niche for outsourcing is Chris Ducker. Chris has an awesome business with Virtual Staff Finder and has been building up stellar content the past couple of years on all topics related to the Online Marketer. You’ll find never ending amounts of useful information there.


So there you have it. 20 22 of the top Online Marketing blogs on the Internet (in no particular order). You can learn just about every single way to build your online business if you go through all of those blogs. Sure it’s not a streamlined course, but everything you need to build a profitable online biz is sittin right there in those pages.

Drop a comment below and let me know YOUR top 3 blogs for Online Entrepreneurs.

Go ahead and give these guys and gals some love and share this post with the buttons floating at the left :-)


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  • http://incomepress.com Joey Kissimmee

    What an awesome lineup to be a part of. Thanks for the mention and kind words ;-)

    • http://onlinelegacybuilders.com Brian Tomlinson

      You’re most welcome Joey. Love reading your blog and listening to your podcast. Keep up the inspiration man.

  • http://www.techdivamedia.com Chelsea

    What a great list of resources! I read about 7 of these, but definitely hadn’t heard of every one of them. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

    • http://onlinelegacybuilders.com Brian Tomlinson

      Thanks Chelsea. Happy you liked them :-) So many great blogs out there. Truly a great community.

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