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OLB Online Marketing Roundup: Week 37 - Online Legacy Builders

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OLB Online Marketing Roundup: Week 37

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This is the first in a weekly series that we will be doing here at OLB featuring the best content that we’ve come across on the web in business, online marketing, SEO, Social Media, copywriting, personal development and tech. You know…all the stuff that makes your online life easier and more awesome ;-)

So with that said. Let’s get rolling…

First things first is some tips on…


10 Ways to Become a Better  Writer
Awesome guest post on Think Traffic written by Sarah Kathleen Peck (FYI…she writes awesome shit). Writing can seem like such a challenge and she breaks it down nicely into 10 easy steps that you can start following right now. If you read #1 alone then you’ll be better off for it.

Obama’s Speech a Model of Persuasion
Now I normally don’t read the news (too damn depressing), but this article on CNN.com caught my eye. If you want to have a successful online business then these quick tips should seep into your being as you build your brand and influence.  If you are curious about what a former Presidential speech writer thought of President Obama’s speech on Syria, then this is a great outline that you can use right now to create more persuasion in your business. (This one comes with a Presidential Stamp of approval baby!)

And sticking to the copywriting and persuasion theme…

10 Simple Things You Can Do to Fix Your Website Copy – Today!!
Michael over at Content Verve knows what he’s doing when it comes to copywriting for the web. This post will have you rushing to your squeeze pages and throughout your funnel to try to implement his advice as quickly as you can. It sure had me doing that.
Click Here to Read this Awesome Post >>>: HERE

Ok…on to some listbuilding and Tools.

List Building

41 Tips to Building a 10,000 Subscriber Email List
I came across this cool post by Ramsay over at Blog Tyrant and I’ve gotta say that it was very valuable. He shares some awesome ways to build your email list (41 Tips to be exact). If you know me you’ll know that I preach that you should ALWAYS be building your email list. Full stop!

After that jump over to this awesome podcast given by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Clay Collins from Lead Pages.

Rapid Audience Building For Accelerated Hypergrowth
This was one of the best SPI Podcast episodes out there (probably aside from the one with Dane Maxwell IMHO) and they probably give away more than any other episode that I can think of. It’s FILLED with tips on how to grow your audience/list. (of course made easier using Lead Pages ;-))


Tools, Tools, and More Tools

It was Tool Week I think (no pun intended) over at Jeff Bullas‘ blog. I’m a bit of a nerd so I’m always on the lookout for great new tools that can add Leverage to my business (and you should be too). Nevertheless, check out these awesome posts
that Jeff put together.

12 Awesome Pinterest Tools

4 Cool Facebook Tools

Top 10 Google + Tools for Digital Marketers


While you’re at it check out our own awesome Toolbox below:

Now that you’ve enjoyed your first edition, be sure to check out this weekly series (yes we don’t have a cool name for it yet…suggestions welcome below in the comments) as we bring you the best stuff from around the web.

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